FVee, FF2000, FVL - single seater projects for 2019

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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FVee, FF2000, FVL - single seater projects for 2019

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I have various single seaters in tiny tiny pieces which would be ideal projects for those who like to tinker rather than tweet. Beware though, buying a car in pieces is not a cheap way of acquiring a single seater. Almost always better to buy an up & running car....but many people buy up & running cars and then take them apart anyway, 'cos they are fusspots, in which case buying in pieces can make sense!


1) Leastone Formula Vee - less engine/box & wheels - otherwise more or less complete.
Manufactured around 2000 by one of the leading FVee manufacturers this was a vey tidy car carefully dismantled and could easily be built up to UK or Irish Vee spec...£1400

2) Hawke FF2000. 1978/9 - Complete car in tiny tiny pieces. Restoration began in 2012 but halted with the death of the restorer in 2015. Comes with receipts for £14k (yes £14k!!!)for new parts inc rebuilt engine & gearbox & everything else you can think of. Comes with two sets of rims & spare front wing + receipts/drawings/photos/history files etc etc. Will make a very nice interesting car with opportunity to race everywhere. Not cheap - but will come for a lot less than has already been spent!

3) Formula Vauxhall/Opel-Lotus - less wheels & induction system - in tiny tiny pieces.
Parts to build up in either Mk1 or Mk 2 format. Chassis honeycomb planks/front casting/steelwork/floor etc are unused components (which are now otherwise unavailable). Comes with the 5 sp Hewland gearbox in correct FVL case. Engine is in pieces & will require to be built up but also has correct FVL dry sump system. Much of the suspension, brakes and other chassis components are also unused items. All been sitting for years so will need usual titivation to reveal their inner glory!

No good asking for photos (cos it would take ages to pull all the bits out & lay them all out &
I'm just too lazy) & if you can't imagine what they are like you're not likely succeed in building
'em up.

If you do have interest just make a phone call - anytime - 07703162409 and i'll paint you a detailed word picture of these delightful things and explain the joys and 'challenges' you will encounter in rebuilding.


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