latest offerings

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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latest offerings

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1. REYNARD 883 - smart ex hillclimb car but now part dismantled. Can be supplied with basis of a Mono spec 2 litre Zetec engine on Webers, or less engine & box for motorcyle engine conversion..£7,750 with engine & box

2 MACO F376 Toyota Novamotor Classic F3 car complete with 2006 FIA papers, Unused for several years but all complete, in original F3 spec, with mechanical injection 2 litre Toyota engine. £19.750

3 BEWLEY–Yamaha Hillclimb car. Beautifully built with 1000cc Yamaha engine. Dymag wheels etc Unused several years & needs ignition & recommissioning £3,750

4.PALMER Traksport V6 3.0L sports racer. Jaguar quad cam alloy V6 on throttle bodies, Hewland sequential gearbox. ..£18,500

5. VAUXHALL/OPEL-LOTUS - complete car in tiny tiny pieces & less wheels. Can be supplied with components to build as Mk1 or Mk2 £6,950

6. DALLARA F305/7 Mugen. Complete, but rod through the block, Can be supplied complete, or as roller, or possibly with replacement/ alternative engines - £17.500

7. JAGUAR XJR Saloon 2006. 4.2 litre, Alloy body, Supercharged V8, 400bhp, Mot Jan 2019 187k mls. Excellent performance & reliability - £4,250

8. HONDA INSIGHT (1st generation Hybrid) yr 2000. Extraordinary advanced 3 cyl hybrid coupes with alloy body. MOT 2019 Built by Honda without regard to cost. Choice of 2 - £2,250 - £2,950

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